Saturday, December 15, 2012

North River Sunset By Robert Beaulieu

Years ago, being as all typical folk singers, Jone Mitchell had the usual long rap between songs (Joni, just sing will ya!) Any how, she was talking about musicians against artist. She discussed the musician has the opportunity to perform the same work over and over. Whereas, the Artist, only performs once. "Hey Van Gough, paint me a "Starry Night" again!" (Then again Joni, don't you get sick of singing " the BigYellow Taxi....)

How does this relate, well as artist we do occasionally do the same paintings over (ask Monet).  This past week, I was inquired about purchasing one of my paintings as displayed on my web site.  Unfortunately, it had already been sold.... the client really liked that version (although I had two other North River paintings )   Hey no, problem, I'll just paint it again.

So Viola, another edition of North River Sunset, and believe it or not, it gets better every time..


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