Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Daves Farm, Thanksgiving 2012, by Robert Beaulieu

During the month of February, The South Street Gallery in Hingham will be hosting paintings by South Shore Artist entitled Open Spaces.  Proceeds for this show will be used to benefit the Massachusetts Audubon Society.

Daves Farm, By Robert Beaulieu, 1994(?)
I created an all new piece for this show, that I couldn't resist. Down in Stonington CT, for Thanksgiving at my brothers, I just couldn't resist the afternoon light that fell on his neighbors fields and farms. The long shadows of late afternoon fall/winter light has always been one of my favorite subjects (see others on my website.) makes for great compostion.

Bound Brook, 2004(?)
by Robert Beaulieu
Anyhow, what is unique about this, I did the same scene about 12 years ago as shown here.  What's fun is how, as an artist, you are always developing, changing and sometimes maybe even improving(???).  I do like my newer direction, a bit looser, and so much more colorful ( Paire school of Art always had us using brunt and raw umbers, have gone to blues and purples for shadows... I barely touch the umbers now). Yet, interesting, there is  still a basic core that I like about the first painting as well.  Of course, you can see how I use the the long highlight of the afternoon sun off in the fields, just the same as the newer one, and for instance this winter scene down the street from our home.

Eric Sloane, noted artist or rural landscapes, used this technique quite often to make his paintings really zing, so I need to give credit where credit is due. Hope you enjoy thanks for taking a peek.

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